Below is a brief synopsis of the crewboth who we are and why we are passionate about being a part of the team:

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Radagast Williams - Mystic View host

Radagast has extensive knowledge in healing modalities, is a certified massage therapist, and has rich insights into spiritual and political developments.

 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Linda Kaiser - The Circle host

Linda is a longtime political activist, former small business owner, lobbyist in D.C., and financial services professional whose passion is educating and re-involving people in the actions of citizenship—particularly to move all to understand what must be done to maintain freedom. With her expertise, she has immense knowledge and experience of the flaws in our current structures and intends to build a collective understanding that incites a movement beyond them.  Her personal mission is to create a world beyond war.


 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Morgan Rhodes - The Circle co-host / editor / social media

Morgan has an educational background in language and a deep passion for yoga. Her mission is to be a servant of humanity by helping to build inter-cultural and inter-generational bridges.

Shelley Evans - Mystic view co-host / editor / social media

Shelley is passionate about serving the emerging consciousness of One. As an educator, holistic director, and writer, Rev. Shelley has catalyzed mindful wellness for over 35 years in preparation for a new paradigm of peace, harmony, and abundance for all.


Mary Beth Lord - The Circle 

As a mother, grandmother, and healer, Mary Beth’s personal mission is to ensure that all future generations will have the opportunity to live in peace through community and proper education that is based in the heart rather than the intellect. She abounds in spiritual wisdom with a heart that easily sparks the inner child of all. Her passion is to create a world that is a safe and loving place for everyone to exist and thrive.

Kathryn Harris - The Circle

Kathryn is a musician, artist, writer, and educator focused on the themes of human rights, environmental justice, and relationship with the Divine— in all its varied forms. In addition, she is a student and friend of the First Nations and other indigenous peoples whom she believes offer wisdom related to living more gracefully, as allies, on our beloved planet. Currently, she constructs lunar calendars and teaches the science behind synchrony to women and girls.


McKenna Beam - Video production

McKenna recently returned from Vietnam after teaching English and leading an initiative in the community to help impoverished families. His heart and passions are fueled by his desire to help people of all communities and nationalities discover their purpose and individual creative power. His personal vision is to use this video platform to generate awareness in his generation.

Wayne Rhodes - Video production / web

Wayne has thoroughly enjoyed a career focused on technology, multi-media and web development, but has quickly become his core focus.  He has a passion for punching through the veneer of our photoshopped reality, with perceptions tightly controlled by mainstream media, and creating understanding by sharing the simple truths of humanity.   

Conor Murphy - Producer

Conor has collaborated and studied with various veterans in the entertainment business and currently is involved in building the next generation of producers, directors, and writers in that industry. He is passionate about creating a team of producers with a synergy and sharing his skills with the family to produce the highest quality media.




Marina Bello - Marketing / Production

Marina is the COO for a company that syndicates music radio shows hosted by Sean "Hollywood" Hamiltons.  Her specialties are production, marketing, and financial education.  Marina is also a passionate Health Coach and fitness guru inspired after the passing of her father due to health issues at an early age.  




Leilani Darling, J.D. and Rich Linfield, Ph.D. - Marketing

Leilani and Rich are a team who work as authors, editors, researchers, copywriters and public relations consultants. Leilani is a Spiritual Mastery Specialist and Rich is a college professor. Both are ordained nondenominational ministers, and Leilani is also an Interfaith minister. They are committed to Female-Male Teamwork as an emotionally grounded way to bring in the new era of joy and wisdom.